Luis Miguel -SABOR A Mí Lyrics Translation

Sabor A Mí / A Trace of Me ~ RomanceS

* You may be surprised to find that this song is actually the least sensual & the most spiritual of any of the songs on the RomanceS album. It is about how their two souls have drawn so close, that they have actually taken on the essence or a trace of the "flavor" of each other. Enjoy.

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Tanto tiempo
disfrutamos de este amor
nuestras almas
se acercaron tanto así
que yo guardo tu sabor
pero tú llevas también, sabor a mí

For so long, we've enjoyed this love,
our souls have drawn so close,
that a trace of you remains within me,
and you, also, have taken on a trace of me.

Si negaras mi presencia en tu vivir
bastaría con abrazarte y conversar
tanta vida yo te dí
que por fuerza tienes ya sabor a mí

If you were ever to deny my influence on your life
My embrace and a little conversation would suffice
to prove otherwise
So much of my life, I've given to you,
that, by now, you can't help but retain a trace of me

No pretendo ser tu dueño
no soy nada yo no tengo vanidad
de mi vida doy lo bueno
soy tan pobre, qué otra
cosa puedo dar

I'm not trying to be your master
For I am nothing, and have no
vain illusions.
Of my life, I give my best,
For I am so poor, what other thing can I give?

Pasarán más de mil años,
muchos más
yo no sé si tenga amor
la eternidad
pero allá, tal como aquí
en la boca llevarás,
sabor a mí

A thousand years may pass,
and more
I don't know if love exists
in eternity
But, there, just as here,
on your lips
you'll always carry, A trace of me...

(*sabor when food related = taste of, flavor of,
when used figuratively = essence of, trace of, nature of, characteristic of)

*translation by Sandra/Sandy

foto by Michele-Atlantic City 1998

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